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European Goods

At Europa we love to find great products from around the world and bring them to our market to share with you! Delicious chocolates, jellies & jams, hand crafted goods, and beauty products are just some of the items you may find in our market. 

Farm Fresh Produce 

Here at Europa we want to provide our Organic Farm Produce to the community. Some of the produce we have at  Europa is our organic grass fed beef and other organic meats, organic produce, fresh cut flowers and brown eggs. 


Eggs at peculiar farms are most certainly peculiar, not that boring pasty white of the average grocery stores eggs, but rather pastel hues of green and blues that make our eggs more than beautiful, but healthy. You see it’s the wonderfully colored eggs that signify it’s an araucanna egg, and that means higher levels of vitamin E and much lower levels of cholesterol than eggs from other varieties of chickens. Our chicken are more than healthy, however, they are also happy. Free range means chicken roam about through fields of grass, clovers, herbs, and other healthy greens, all the while feasting on the very thing that makes their eggs so rich and their yolks so unbelievable yellow.

Try a dozen today and we guarantee the taste will wow you, the curb appeal will dazzle you, and the peculiar twist will keep you the talk of all your friends.


Give me liberty or give me death, stirring words, but for a chicken? No doubt, our new free range brown laying hens relish their freedom. They relish the freedom to range over nearly a hundred acres of fertile fields. They rejoice in the freedom of nibbling on grasses, insects and rich clovers, filling those brown eggs with rich orange yolks. They love the freedom of dusting in the shade of an old corral or adding to a growing pile of brown eggs freshly laid in the haystacks. In our case we know their freedom isn't free, it requires us relentlessly giving them the best, and we are happy to do so!! Free range brown, now that's worth trumpeting!


Peculiar Farms asks you to do more than merely stop and smell the flowers, but to do so with confidence. Confidence because you know what you are smelling is not the aroma of some pesticide that has been used to kill off countless beneficial insects in the wake of curtailing the impact of a single predator. Our responsible flower growing methods actually use the very insects that thrive in the flower fields to also protect them.

Our flowers are fresh as the day their picked and don’t find themselves coming out of hibernation after a long refrigerated jet trip from Columbia, or Thailand. We also strive to raise all of the trendiest colors and most novel varieties to make your elegant home also just a bit peculiar, and is that really so bad after all?

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