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About Europa Food. Farm. Festival

At Europa Food. Farm. Festival., our mission is simple: to bring the very best of Europe to your doorstep. We believe in the joy of experiencing where your food comes from, savoring delicious meals, and connecting with nature. While Europeans love their countryside retreats and culinary escapades, we're thrilled to offer a similar experience, right here, just south of Albuquerque. Join us in our endeavor to infuse European charm into every aspect of your visit, whether you're joining us for a leisurely meal, a romantic wedding, or a memorable event. Come, be a part of our journey as we bring the essence of Europe to a field near you!

What others are saying


Laurie K. - Google Review 

"Delicious coffee and decadent French pastries."

Robb Baby- Alibi


"The atmosphere is what sold the place for me. Being able to sit outside and then wander down the lane to pet the cows was magical."

Susan B. - Facebook Review


"So nice to have a special place to go for a treat! Stop in - you'll fall in love."

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